Hi my name is Stuart, welcome to the future is gluten free.
Over a year back now I started to feel not very well.
We’ll go into that later, maybe.
The problem was gluten!
It was time to give it up.

Out of all the things that could be wrong I thought to myself that’s good it is something that I can have control over.

That is why I have started the future is gluten free to empower you in your future as gluten free.

This is where our journey begins together.

What I would like you to receive from the future is gluten free is

The power to own you future, how to form new habits
Resources to make the right food choices
Recipes and food tips
Oh did I mention I am a chef
If you can’t cook, hang around that will be an extra bonus learning how to cook great gluten free recipes.
Tips for dinning out
Gluten free products
Gluten free resources and facts

I don’t want this site about picture of wheat in circles with a cross through it.
That is your past you have a new life now and your future like mine is gluten free. So lets enjoy it! The sun is always shining so we are going to have a great life.

Thank you for visiting
All the best